Angle180 Featured in Clutch’s Chicago Press Release!

Angle180 was featured across 3 leader matrices as a top Chicago web designer, digital designer, and digital strategist.

Clutch highlighting top Chicago web design companies

Web design is key to the success of businesses in the 21st century. Our passion is really breathing in the client’s goals and aspirations and creating effective tools and solutions to meet those goals. We are grateful that our clients went out of their way to express their appreciation. This is the reason that we are being featured in’s press release of top Chicago Creative & Design agencies.

Angle180 was ranked as one of the top 10 Web Design Companies in Chicago

Clutch published an updated report highlighting top Chicago web design companies.

Clutch highlighting top Chicago web design companies

At Angle180, we simply have a genuine interest in creating solutions for people. I say people because even though our clients are businesses, at the end of the day we thrive on how well we work with people. We take the time to understand were the obstacles are and what the vision is before we even start thinking about solutions and roadmaps. Every member of our team has a passion not only for their field but the desire to really leave an impression with our clients and their customers. We really love how Clutch takes the time to interview the people we have worked with. People looking for digital marketing, digital publishing, or web design services can get a real taste of the Angle180 experience before they even reach out to us. We are proud to be recognized by Clutch as one of the top Web designers in Chicago.

Our Roman Holiday

Team building at Angle180: how traveling together strengthened our bonds and why positive attitude matters.

Angle180 team, taking a selfie at the Colosseum after a day of exploring Rome

It was well worth to skip our usual Christmas party and pursue adventure by visiting Rome instead. Traveling together not only inspired us, but also proved to be an excellent way to strengthen our bonds and help us grow as a team.

The Art of Client Service Experienced

Great customer experience is something that never gets old.

Sarunas Budrikas
The art of client service with a letter to a writer

This started on a regular weekday morning while on my LinkedIn routine. I was skimming through things when the name Robert Solomon caught my eye. “This name sounds familiar,” I thought. And it was. Turns out this name has been living on my desk for quite some time, in the form of a book.

Robert Solomon is the author of the book “The Art Of Client Service” which I cherish and often get advice from. Seeing him comment on LinkedIn made me realize that he is accessible, so I gave it a shot.