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Sarunas Budrikas
The art of client service with a letter to a writer

This started on a regular weekday morning while on my LinkedIn routine. I was skimming through things when the name Robert Solomon caught my eye. “This name sounds familiar,” I thought. And it was. Turns out this name has been living on my desk for quite some time, in the form of a book.

Robert Solomon is the author of the book “The Art Of Client Service” which I cherish and often get advice from. Seeing him comment on LinkedIn made me realize that he is accessible, so I gave it a shot.

I sent a snail mail to Robert with a short sales pitch of my company. What I received in return was the true art of client (relationship) service. He took the time to reach back to me. He sent me a signed copy of the 3rd edition of his book. He even featured us in his blog. WHAAAT?? I know, right.

There is a saying that I remember from somewhere about self-improvement books: “Whoever knows how to - does it. Others are writing books about how to do it” - NOT Robert. He does what he preaches and it makes his advice much, much more valuable to me.

Thank you, Robert. Not only for your time to get back to me, but also for reminding that personal touch can go to great lengths. Your book will definitely stay on my desk as a reminder and an additional source of inspiration to go the extra mile when communicating with our clients.

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