Our success is defined by our clients’ success, and we’re proud of the numerous long-term relationships we’ve developed over past 9 years through our high performance website design and lead generation business.

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It’s humbling when our clients bring us even web unrelated problems, showing the level of confidence in our common sense and business expertise. That’s why we’re here - to help. To perform beyond the contract. To add value. To show up.

Trust and confidence
"I can trust the team and I have confidence. I think these are two keywords: trust and confidence. That's hard to do nowadays. People promise you the world and deliver half of it. They'll deliver it, and if there's something that can not be delivered, they will come back and say, "We gave it our best shot. This is the best we can do."
Netsphere strategies Stephan Moen, Co-founder & CEO at NetSphere Strategies


Our websites are designed around how people think and what they need when landing on your website. Empathy, relevancy and intent-driven content presented in a simple yet elegant fashion are our forte.

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Our “no BS” approach doesn’t always serve our best interest, but we can’t help it. It’s just gotta make sense for us to be able to get the job done. We ask a lot of questions, and we demand our clients’ involvement.

Commitment to transparency and willingness to answer any and all questions
"Angle 180 was a pleasure to work with. Having shopped around quite a bit and received several project proposals, the value they offered was excellent, and their commitment to transparency and willingness to answer any and all questions really stood out. They respect deadlines and are very receptive to their customers' vision for projects."
Arbor Learning Company Mat Messerschmidt, Owner at Arbor Learning Company


Over the years we discovered we’re great at working with company stakeholders - people who know what they want to achieve for their business, but don’t know how to get there. Performance is a standard at Angle180, and we ask our clients to keep up.

We view websites and marketing as an investment. We like this real estate analogy: imagine your website is the building and marketing is the location. Through time and effort, your building grows from a single story structure to a skyscraper, and your location moves from a strip mall to a coveted downtown location. That’s it. We help you increase the bottom line through lead generation and overall value of the brand through awareness.

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Best fit

Keep in mind we’re a small boutique firm with our own standards for companies we work with. Since we maintain a limited number of accounts, we’re probably not the best ones to call for a “one and done” website. Long term relationships and long term results are our specialty.

If you’re looking to get the most out of us, consider our high performance website Program. It’s designed to maximize the online marketing potential of your business, and our hearts and brains are fully invested.

We work with industrial manufacturing and commercial construction companies.

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Meet your web design and marketing experts

Here are just a few things we hear ourselves repeat, time and time again:

On pricing:

“We carry our own weight and then some. A lot more actually.“

On website only requests:

“Website redesign without a strategy and marketing is like an aspirin for a dead person.”

On commitments:

“We don’t lock you into a contract. On the contrary, we put ourselves in the position where give you all the reigns, making ourselves easy fireable, and then we work hard every day to prove that we’re irreplaceable.”

On solutions:

“Don’t tell us what to do, just tell us why. Tell us where it hurts, and let us prescribe you the medicine.”

On design:

“We design the website not for you, but for your visitors. It’s important to understand that the way people see your brand from the outside, is different than the way you see it. And that’s OK, we design for outsiders.”