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Redesigning your B2B website - FabShop Magazine Direct feature

Angle180 had the privilege of being featured in the FabShop Magazine Direct. This edition came out in June 2017 and featured an article titled, "Prioritizing your fabricating website".

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The article written by Molly McCormack highlights insights from our CEO Sarunas Budrikas. Read the full article below or in the original publication in FabShop Direct magazine.

When making a big purchase, what’s the first thing you do before you buy? If you’re like 82 percent of consumers, you head to the web. Understanding that most potential buyers spend time researching their options online before they buy sheds light on the necessity of having a fully functioning, well-informed company website.

So, why do so many fabricators hesitate to invest time and dollars into bettering their online presence? We talked with Sarunas Budrikas, president of website development company Angle180 Inc., about what he sees as the biggest obstacles for companies looking to tame the wild, wild web.

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Website Hacking: Never Personal, Never Stopping

Nothing is safe on the internet. Nothing is private either, but we sort of know that already. But we as website owners can do something about it.

Paul K
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Most website owners think “oh, I don’t have any enemies - so why would someone hack me?” Wrong.

Millions of websites get hacked daily, mostly by bots. Therefore it’s not personal, just part of the game being online. Security systems are always a step behind the hackers - the dark horse of progress, but a crucial part of the process.

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Every Website is an Ecommerce Site

Well designed and optimized website is your best salesman.

Sarunas Budrikas
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Too often we hear from small business owners: “all we need is an informational website.” Really? It’s like saying to your sales team, “you guys just sit here and look beautiful” - and that’s no exaggeration.

On the other hand you’ll never hear anything like that from an ecommerce client. They focus on performance and talk traffic, funnels and exit rates - why? Because they know that it’s all directly relevant to their online success. At the end of the day, even if you aren’t an ecommerce site, your website is selling something, so why not to focus on online performance marketing and rake in all the benefits?