Abbe Miller
Abbe Miller
Editor-in-Chief at Techgen Media Group
Clutch Review

I receive emails on a regular basis that speak to the quality of the designs of our magazine. The people that we work with are always over the moon in regard to how articles appear. We are receiving more than double the amount of traffic coming through our site as a result of the redesigned e-reader.

Angle180 serves as more of a partner as opposed to being just a service provider. They're always ahead of the curve in terms of digital publishing. It's more than apparent that they are educating themselves constantly on digital publishing trends. It's just great to know that they have our best interests at heart.

Eric Honea
Owner at Honea Construction
Google Plus Review

Gus Vassilopoulos created a new website for my construction business and optimized it for maximum search engine traffic. The website is first rate and gets many compliments from my customers.

I now have a constant flow of new business from search engine inquiries as well as potential clients contacting me through my website messaging. His consultation included several suggestions for opening still more new sources of business which have also paid off big time! The difference to the profitability of my company cannot be overstated.

Thank You Gus!

Netsphere Strategies
Stephan Moen
Co-founder and CEO at Netsphere Strategies
Clutch Review

I can trust the team and I have confidence. I think those are the two keywords: trust and confidence. That's hard to do nowadays. People promise you the world and deliver half of it. They'll deliver it, and if there's something that can't be delivered, they will come back and say, "We gave it our best shot. This is the best we can do." I can't think of a situation where that has happened, but that's the mindset. If they could lose money on a project just because they're trying to make the customer happy, they probably would do that.

They are always accountable. I have confidence when I make a decision. I know it's going to get done. They've got a proven record that when you ask them to do something, they do it, and they do it to the best of their ability. You can't say that for many companies.

Dean Steinman - president at Presentation Multimedia
Dean Steinman
President at Presentation Multimedia
Linkedin Review

Sarunas and his team are a vital piece and cog to my overall business. I can't think of any team more competent and skilled to work with.

Anwar Khrawish CEO at PaliMex Distributors
Anwar Khrawish
CEO at PaliMex Distributors
Linkedin Review

If you need a website done or even a Mobile app, I highly recommend Sarunas Budrikas, he did the impossible for me. Thanks for your excellent service.

Andrew Bobb Siedelmann - senior photographer at Kramer Photographers
Andrew Bobb Siedelmann
Senior Photographer at Kramer Photographers
Linkedin Review

We were in a jam with our Joomla site. Sarunas was very responsive and was able to come in and quickly get our website up and running again. Really appreciate his being upfront about the process and maintaining communication with us through the solution. We were able to depend on Sarunas to get our business back on it's feet.

Attorney Aron Szabo at Szabo Law Group
Aron Szabo
Bankruptcy & Foreclosure attorney at Szabo Law Group
Google Plus Review

I had this company do my website and help with marketing. I was a recent law school graduate that did really not know how to approach marketing. The company was great, they taught how it was important to focus on one legal practice area and establish myself as an expert instead of trying to do all types of law.

They helped me write my content for my website. I really like the way they designed my site, it looks very professional. I also purchased a monthly SEO package from them. They gave me monthly reports that I really didn't read. I only cared that my phone was ringing. These guys are great and you actually talk to the management there so its really awesome. I worked with Gus on my website he is like a marketing genius.

Nell Lundy
Interactive Creative Director at InVision Communications
Clutch Review

Projects were done for high-tech clients. One is a Fortune 100 company and one is an IT consulting company.

They were super reliable. We check in when needed on a daily basis, especially as deadlines come up. They have one lead, the person that I deal with, and that makes everything simpler.

They’re just very easy to work with. They’re very helpful. They’re willing to deal with tight turnarounds. Sometimes the end clients make a lot of revisions. We try to be organized going into a project, but you know how it goes when they start to show review copies to more and more people. People bring up ideas at the last minute, and Angle180 has been great about dealing with that factor.

VIS Exterior Corp.
Val Slajus
Owner at VIS Exterior Corp.
Google Plus Review

Angle 180 has helped my business get to the next level. It has helped us put out more information about VIS exterior and contact with potential clients. I kept my expectations high for the design and functionality of my website, and thankfully Angle 180 exceeded them. Their professional intuition with websites and search engine marketing continues to impress us. Sarunas and his team are very experienced in this field.

What a pleasure to do business with such a great company!

Gideon Lipnickas
Gideon Lipnickas
Owner at New Concept 180
Clutch Review

Work ethic and the ability to understand my business vision were important elements for me. I felt that I was on the same level with Angle180.

The majority of the websites in my industry are doing pretty much the same thing. Angle180 has unique ideas in terms of design, which is something I was looking for. They offered me a couple of layout ideas at the beginning of the process, which were actually different. That told me that Angle180 had a lot of creativity. I see them as being a long-term partner.

Michael Sinclair - associate director at Performics
Michael Sinclair
Associate Director at Performics
Linkedin Review

Sarunas, and his team, are exceptional to work with. Sarunas was able to meet extremely quick goals for a web development project and was able to keep the quality of work at an extremely high standard. This is hard to come by in the web development business and I would highly recommend Sarunas to anyone looking for his services.

Change Management Advisor Rick Maurer
Rick Maurer
Change Management Advisor
Email Review

Sarunas and the people at Angle180 are a joy to work with. They are super responsive when we come up with an idea or we request a change. When I asked for a site that didn't look like every other consultant's site out there (e.g. stock photos of happy people in meetings, pages too full of text, etc.) they delivered an elegant and simple home page and site. It was so clean and user friendly. They exceeded my high expectations. I highly recommend their work.

CEO at A City Suburban Service
Linas Kliarskis
CEO at A City Suburban Service
Google Plus Review

We have been working with Angle180 for 4 years now. They have been excellent handling all the marketing for our companies. I would recommend Angle180 if you are looking to build a website or need to generate more business from online marketing.

Velsicol Chemical
Velsicol Chemical
Leading Chemical Company
Clutch Review

The design and impact of the work done by Angle180 has put our company on a professional pillar. We've gotten very positive feed-back from customers. In addition to this, our distribution partners have also enjoyed the work and we've often referred Angle180 to them.

Angle180 appears to have some solid resources from a project management standpoint. Usually, whenever I have a request, they will be very quick to respond.

Regardless of our situation, Angle180 has been very efficient and personable in getting things done. This has been very important to me, and I've found a level of comfort with Angle180. I know that they would be able to point me in the right direction in any situation. I also appreciated the direct contact and lack of bureaucracy on Angle180's side.

Polar Tiger
Tom Razukas
Owner at Polar Tiger
Clutch Review

Before getting the site, I didn't work at all. Now, I have work, and I'm so busy I cannot even keep up. I'm about to hire some people to work for me. I've been receiving more calls, emails, and inquiries from the website. I do not advertise anywhere else, just on Google and the website.

LANE Media & Production
Jack Lane
President, Executive Producer at LANE Media & Production
Google Plus Review

Angle180 has been developing websites for my business for over 5 years and they are an irreplaceable asset to me. They are always on the cutting edge of web technology and offer modern and eye catching design! 5-stars all the way!

Nick Liakopulos - vice president Information Technology & Systems at UCAN
Nick Liakopulos
Vice President Information Technology & Systems at UCAN
Linkedin Review

I have hired his web development services more than once. There were very important web projects and I needed nothing but the best in the field. Sarunas not only responded excellent with the projects but also provided great ideas on automating business processes on-line.

I will recommend him and his team for any Web Development and application development project you need. It is a piece of mind to conduct business with people like Sarunas.

Keep the good work!

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