Our Roman Holiday

Team building at Angle180: how traveling together strengthened our bonds and why positive attitude matters.

Angle180 team, taking a selfie at the Colosseum after a day of exploring Rome

It was well worth to skip our usual Christmas party and pursue adventure by visiting Rome instead. Traveling together not only inspired us, but also proved to be an excellent way to strengthen our bonds and help us grow as a team.

Been there, done that

We travelled through the city mostly on foot. In fact, some of us walked more during this trip than they normally do in half a year. No one complained, though. Snacking on take out pizza, stopping for a hot cup of espresso or macchiato here and there, we visited most of the main sights together. The blend of architecture of various periods inspired us, and the ancient monuments, especially the Colosseum, fascinated us with their grandeur.

Our first night in Rome, we went to a cozy local restaurant. Everyone immediately forgot about their diets once we smelled the delicious pizza. We all got a taste of many different pizzas and collectively decided that none of us fancy anchovies all that much. After finishing our meals (and a couple of bottles of wine) we decided to visit the Pantheon at night. Once we arrived, some of the guys were shocked to find out that it’s a temple, and not a bar. Laughing at their surprise, we wandered the streets for a while and actually did find a bar named ‘Pantheon’.

A collage of photos of our impressions from Rome: delicious food, impressive sights, smiles and the team spirit, captured by the camera

Since we all lived in an apartment together, it’s no wonder we found out a lot about each other that we normally wouldn’t in the office. For example, we discovered there’s a princess among us. And no, it’s not one of the girls. It’s one of our programmers, and he does need his beauty sleep. Since we woke up early each morning and went to bed late at night, I could have used a couple extra hours of sleep myself, but there was too much to be seen, too much to be discovered.

Quick impressions

Beautiful pictures and wonderful memories is not all that we brought back with us. There were many revelations during this trip as well:

  • The wrong pair of shoes can make your life much harder, but it’s no problem if you have a positive attitude like our graphic designers.
  • Our guys will carry you on their shoulders if you just can’t walk anymore.
  • We have an excellent cook in our team - Vy makes the best scrambled eggs ever. We even got him a chef’s hat and appointed him as the head chef of our team!
  • Even when we’re tired and sleep deprived, no one complains, and we walk together as one.
  • Walking the lively streets of Rome, we learned that you have to be brave to tackle a challenge - and crossing a street in Italy is always somewhat of a challenge. Even when the traffic light is in your favor.
  • Our laughter is very contagious and inside jokes are born even in the most unbelievable situations.
  • In Italy, it’s quite normal that traveling 17 miles takes two hours. Since we didn’t know that before, we were so late to the airport, we were sure we’ll miss our flight. With the possibility that our stay in Italy would be extended, no one seemed too panicky.

All in all, we brought back so many memories, that some are very difficult to put into words. We had such a great time, and I couldn’t imagine a better way to celebrate the upcoming holidays with our team. Sharing memories outside the office brought us together, and today our team is more united than ever.

Since Christmas is the perfect time to give, we’d like to share our good moods with you. Our team at Angle180 wishes you a beautiful Christmas and a Happy New Year, that brings you valuable memories and success. Happy Holidays!

christmas tree
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